Cold Secrets

3:01 PM

Coat: Calvin Klein / Jeans:American Eagle / Boots: Calvin Klein / Sunnies: ASOS / Backpack: Zara

             New York has been cruel the past few months- she hasn't layed off on the cold. Walking through Central Park, I thought I might loose a few fingers and toes. Didn't help that we were having technical difficulties with the camera, how typical. My fingers looked like little, red sausages- now there's a visual. To make things even cheerier, we're in the midst of a supposed snowpocalypse; let's hope that doesn't happen because I might just go a bit stir crazy. I can almost feel the cellulite growing on my thighs.
            How do I cheer myself up ? I buy a new coat, duh. Coats have been my new obsession recently and when I found this gem from Calvin Klein, I couldn't say no. There's a cape-like hood on it which makes me feel like Batman if he were a bad bitch with blonde hair. It's like wearing a robe outside, all my dreams are coming true.
             Reflective lenses that people can see themselves in and capes- that's how I hide from the cold. How do you guys stay warm, or at least make yourself feel a bit less shitty ?

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