Pointed Toe

4:01 PM

Coat: ASOS / Turtle Neck: Thrifted / Jeans: ASOS / Loafers: ASOS

           Weather- appropriate outfit ? Yeah, NO. I can't remember a winter this cold. I've been insanely sick all week (I never dress weather appropriate- I do what I want) after wandering around Lincoln Center for Fashion Week.
         Don't think wearing loafers was a smart choice seeing as it started snowing, but fashion over function I guess. I'm obsessed with these pointed loafers ("sneakers") because I'm a midget and pointed anything makes my stubby legs seem longer. Woo. Cheers to super tight turtle necks too- might give you the illusion of 30 chins and a watermelon head, but at least your throat will be warm; like an airtight container for your neck  ;)

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