Saturday Morning

4:13 PM

Top: Nastygal / Jeans: American Eagle / Cardigan: Urban Outfitters / Sandals: Zara

Warm spring air, couples walking hand in hand, running through flower gardens in the rain- I can't think of a better way to spend an early morning.. Unless of course Harry Styles made me breakfast in bed, shirtless..
Everyone is so much happier now that it's nice out, people's attitudes seem to warm up with the weather- PDA's at an all time high too which is one nasty drawback but, minor details. 
This cardigan is my new favorite, feels like you're wearing a blanket and the kimono sleeves make me want to twirl- maybe that has to do with all the caffeine I drink but I still love this cardigan. Minimal and cozy for a morning stroll. 

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