Last of Summer - We Are Us

4:02 PM

Dress: Anja / Boots: Farren Croc / Flash Tattoos: Boohoo 

Can't believe we're on our last days of August- nights are getting cooler, the air is getting crisp, and if you close your eyes you can start to smell fall. 

Thanks to Boohoo, I get to celebrate the last days of summer in some festival fashion; I'm completely in love with this beautiful lace number (it's surprisingly not itchy & you don't need to wear a bra- win) and open-heeled booties (for once my feet won't bleed). Festivals mean you get to stick flash tattoos on every open space of your body and not feel bad about it, hi I'm five. I took a coin head chain and wrapped it around my ankle so that when I walk, I jingle. WOO ;)

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