Parisian Gardens

1:26 PM

Top: Forever21 / Jeans: Paige Denim / Boots: ASOS

I'm in Paris for the week and I'm definitely not hating life by any means. 

I'm park-obsessed to begin with, but there's something about strolling through the rows of symmetrically lined, perfectly trimmed trees of a Parisian park, with the birds chirping and crisp air blowing through your hair, that I can't complain about. Musicians are playing romantic music on their accordions and violins, and you find yourself standing at the front of some palace that's surrounded by palm trees and a small basin of water where kids are sailing toy boats. Couples are walking hand in hand and there's a cool breeze that's accompanied by warm sunshine and the tunes of the musicians that seem to carry through the wind. 
I can't help but skip down the lawn like a little kid and twirl to the music of the little French men in hats. 

I'm living my French movie fantasy. 

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