White & Grey on a Sunny Day

5:04 PM

Sweater: Revolve / Jeans: Current Elliott / Jacket: Michael Kors / Trainers: Adidas Originals

Sometimes (most of the time) I want to look put together without having to actually be put together- ya know?
I love grey and white together, or any kind of monochrome palette to be honest. Adding an interesting pair of reflective sunnies or a purse with a fun colored fur-ball on it makes you look way more exciting. 
Side note- I'm not sure what positions I sat in to manage to get my jeans so crinkly and wrinkly... it's a skill. 


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  1. Perfect dress-up in sunny day. Very beautiful to see you with nature. You are looking awesome with white and grey color dress.I love read this blog as it brings vast knowledge and experience.Keep up updating the post regularly.....


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